Road Gravel                                                                  

MDOT 22A Spec. (MDOT 21A, 22A, or 23A)                        


Septic Rock (6A Stone)

Clean stone 1-1/4" size and smaller

Recycle Gravel                                                                

Crushed 1" and smaller                                                    


Concrete Dumping
Concrete can be dumped near our officefor a small fee.         

Material cannot include any paint, wood or steele. 


Sand Unscreened                                                          

Bank sand



Screened 1/2" minus                                                       


Rip Rap

4"-8" Rock

12"-20" Rock

20"-20" Rock


Rock Boulders

20" and Up Size


Delivery Options

Lead - 26 tons or 20 cyds

Tandem - 13 tons or 10 cyds

Pick-up Truck - 1 ton or 2 cyds


*You can also pick up the material yourself*